"Fay Arghavani is a competent and caring attorney. Not only did she represent my best interests and resolve the case to my satisfaction but took the time to explain the legal documents and my legal options in a clear and concise manner that I could easily understand. She also displayed a sincere interest in my well being which provided substantial piece of mind during a difficult time.

I spoke to two other attorneys before finding Fay and neither could be bothered with what they considered to be an "insignificant case" such as mine but, what they failed to understand was, what is insignificant to them was a serious situation for me. One even suggested I go online and file the paperwork myself (which, with what I know now, I guarantee would not have turned out well). Fay took the time to understand my situation and never made me feel that I (or my case) was insignificant to her.

I would prefer never to need the help of an attorney again but, if I do, Fay Arghavani will be my first call." - L.S.

"Fay by far is the best attorney I have ever used. I used her during my divorce and also for a window company i have been fighting with for almost a year to replace a window that was leaking when it rained. One phone call from Fay to the window company is all it took. Window company scheduled an appt to come replace the window after the phone call from her. She has always taken the time to listen to what I have to say. I've dealt with other attorneys who try to hurry me off the phone when I'm explaining my situation but Fay always took the time to listen. I Highly recommend Fay." - J.V.

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